Camera repairmen are technicians that specialize in repairing video recording equipment, which can range from amateur home cameras to professional equipment. The camera repairman must first assess the situation and correctly identify the problem, which can sometimes involve high-grade technology with advanced electronic systems. Then, he/she needs to remove the problem and suggest possible future remedy for it. Camera repairmen may sometimes be employed directly by a television or movie production studio, working full-time on the set in order to provide technical assistance. In those cases, their job may include regular maintenance of the devices as well.

Becoming a camera repairman normally requires no high-level education, and a high school degree is usually sufficient. The majority of the skills involved are attained on the job, with the cameraman starting out as an apprentice and progressively learning from their master. Television and movie studios will often require significant background experience in the industry from candidates wishing to work full-time on their sets, though they also normally offer more attractive compensation as well.

The median salary for camera repairmen has been fluctuating between $50,000 and $55,000 over the last few years, starting at 2005. If the camera repairman is employed by a high-ranking production studio, they may see an annual salary of over $70,000, though this type of employment will usually require sufficient experience and knowledge of the job specifics. A camera repairman has a good outlook for their career development, as the more skilled ones can easily find a good-paying job at local television studios.