A carpenter is a craftsman who specializes in working with wood, though in some rare cases a carpenter may also be well-familiar with working with metal as well. A carpenter can be employed for a variety of purposes, from original construction of wooden buildings to repairs of previous work. Carpenters may also work on a smaller scale, preparing small wooden details to be used either as parts of machinery, or as decoration. A carpenter will also be tasked with installing whatever products they create in most cases.

There is no formal higher education for carpenters, as with most other crafting trades. Experience is attained exclusively on the job, and some countries offer specialized high schools for carpenters as well. A carpenter must be good with mathematics and especially with performing calculations on the fly with no errors, as they frequently take measures and calculate proportions based on them. A good carpenter must also be physically fit, as the installation procedures often involve various tricky tasks that can pose a health hazard to someone not fit for the job.

A carpenter’s salary can vary greatly, depending on where they’re working – generally, one can expect an annual income of between $30,000 and $55,000. Carpenters employed by companies on a permanent contract basis are usually paid less than those working privately for clients, while on the other hand private contractors aren’t guaranteed a constant supply of work, unlike those under permanent employment. A self-employed carpenter can easily earn over $50,000 a year if they’re good.