“Electrician” is a broad definition related to various specialists in the field of electrics and electronics. Electricians are proffesionals who specialize in the repair, maintenance, and in some cases production of electric equipment. Electricians work with a variety of tools to analyze a machine for problems and decide on an appropriate course of action for its repair. An electrician must be especially knowledgeable in the area of safety, as electric equipment frequently poses a life hazard to those around it.

To become an electrician, one could go through a specialized school where they’ll be taught the majority of skills required for the job – also, various organizations offer courses for electricians, which usually have the benefit of being shorter, though they tend to cost more to their participants as well. Licensed electricians can work either on a freelance basis, or employed permanently by a company – the second option is usually more lucrative, though it also comes with stricter requirements, too, and is usually only available to more experienced electricians with a few years in the industry.

An electrician, in general, can earn between $40,000 – $82,000 a year, which depends highly on the particular type of employment and the electrician’s specialization. Those who engage in repair work tend to be paid lower, while electricians working on general maintenance projects, especially for more important pieces of technology, can expect to enjoy higher salaries and more career development opportunities. Another thing worth noting is that electricians can easily find high-paying jobs after just several years of practice.