An elevator installer works for elevator manufacturer companies, installing their products on the sites they’re requested at. Elevator installers are frequently called to install a variety of other devices used for internal transportation, such as dynamic walkways and escalator systems. Elevator installers rarely work alone and are usually found in teams, together with various other specialists like electricians. In some cases, an elevator installer will additionally be tasked with removing the previously used elevator system, or upgrading it with newer hardware. On rare occasions, an elevator installer will be called to perform maintenance work on an elevator, though companies usually have dedicated repairmen for this purpose.

The job of an elevator installer isn’t very demanding in terms of educational requirements, and a high school degree is enough for most candidates. Apprenticeships are offered in various places, and some companies require candidates to have undergone one before being approved for the position. Good mechanical knowledge and a responsible mindset are a must, given the delicate nature of elevator systems.

Elevator installers aren’t paid as highly as some other technical professions which require a similar level of knowledge. The annual salary goes between $39,000 – $75,000, and the job outlook is more or less good, with the exception of one common problem which plagues every worker in the elevator manufacturing industry – the difficulty in switching jobs to another company due to the specific skills required for building elevators of a given type.