An esthetician’s job is similar to that of a cosmetician, though there are some major differences setting the two apart. Estheticians almost universally work in studios, either on their own or paired with other colleagues. The job of an esthetician is to apply various skin care products and treatment procedures to their clients – from skin cleansing to waxing, the duties of an esthetician can sometimes cover the entire body of their client. In some cases, an esthetitican will also perform additional services, such as manicure/pedicure and even hair treatment, though these are only practiced by those who explicitly choose to do so, and aren’t attached to the job by default.

Estheticians usually find employment without having any formal education degree, though some high-ranking studios may require their employees to present a degree from a cosmetics school or a similar institution. Most of the skills are attained directly on the job, and the level of experience plays a great role in determining an esthetician’s opportunity for employment.

Working as an esthetician can yield some moderately satisfying pay rates, with the annual salary going between $25,000 – $39,000, affected primarily by the experience and working environment of the esthetician. It has been reported that those who work on their own are able to earn more than estheticians working at salons and parlors, though there are exceptions, such as in cases where a high-ranking parlor is involved – there, the payout rates can be significantly higher than the average.