A fashion designer works in the fashion industry, creating new clothing and accessory designs. Most fashion designers specialize in a particular type of clothing, such as suits, dresses or shoes, though in some cases they may produce various types of products, for all body parts and both genders. It’s not uncommon for fashion designers to work in teams, though the majority of them prefer to work alone. A fashion designer may work on their own or for a company, though it’s commonly recognized that working for a major clothing designer provides better opportunities and an increased earning potential as a whole.

In most cases, a fashion designer will be required to have a Bachelor’s degree in arts, specifically emphasizing on design. Some employers will refuse to hire candidates who haven’t attended a fashion school at all, while on the other hand some other employers are willing to accept candidates who can display a good sense of working with fabric, creating new original designs, and displaying a strong creativity. Fashion designers need to constantly stay in touch with the current trends in the industry.

The gap between the lowest and highest earning limits for fashion designers is quite large, as they’re able to secure salaries of between $31,000 – $135,000 per year. As with most other creative jobs, the specific pay rate depends on the success of the fashion designer’s work and their popularity, as well as the ability to produce new and original sets every year.