A floral designer is a professional who works with flowers – both artificial and real ones – arranging them in attractive formations, such as bouquets and decorations. The job of a floral designer is unique in that it’s very popular in some parts of the world, while being almost unheard of in others. Floral designers see a lot of use in some large-scale events such as weddings, where they’re commonly hired to provide a lively, eye-catching decoration. Floral designers may work with commonly available designs, or create their own, though the latter requires a bit of experience and knowledge in the field in order to be successful.

Even though floral design is actually taught as a class in a small number of universities around the world, it’s not required to own anything more than a high school diploma in order to become one. Floral designers commonly learn their trade from colleagues, and the usual procedure is for a candidate to be hired on a probation period during which a supervisor teaches them the important aspects of the job. Creative thinking is a must for performing the job well.

A floral designer has a surprisingly attractive earning potential, with the median salary for 2009 being $41,000 and the average going between $34,000 – $55,000. The job has a lot of potential for improvement as well, as many creative floral designers are able to prosper and find lots of well-paying clients for long-term relationships. However, the success of the job depends highly on the local market.