Food preparation supervisors work at restaurants, coffee shops and other establishments that serve food and edible products. They’re tasked with overseeing the preparation of said products, ensuring that all the necessary health and safety guidelines are adhered to. Additionally, food preparation supervisors are responsible for the management of the restaurant’s cooking staff, which includes anything from recruitment and training, to dismissing those who don’t live up to the establishment’s expectations. Food preparation supervisors rarely engage in the actual preparation of the food, except when they’re required to train a new employee.

Becoming a food preparation supervisor doesn’t require any special degree and a high school diploma will suffice in most cases. However, some more refined establishments such as high-grade restaurants may require candidates for the position to have a Bachelor’s degree in restaurant management or a related field. It’s not, however, rare for them to make exceptions for well-experienced and knowledgeable candidates. A degree does ensure higher chances of getting hired, though.

An annual salary of between $36,000 – $48,000 is common for food preparation supervisors, and the majority of workers in the area lean towards the higher end of this range. The job is seen as a moderately well-paying one with regards to the workload and hour arrangement, though in some cases it can become very demanding without compensating employees additionally in accordance with the increased workload. Food preparation supervisors have some satisfying prospects for future career development.