Gaming cage workers are employed by casinos and other establishment that offer gambling-related entertainment. They work in a special enclosed area of the establishment known as the cage, where they’re secured – this is due to the fact that their job involves handling large sums of money on a regular basis. A gaming cage worker is tasked with selling tokens or chips to the clients of the establishment, as well as buying them back for real money. They must also verify a client’s references when they request a credit from the casino, and resolve any finance-related issues when these arise.

Most casinos don’t hold any strict requirements for the position, and a high school diploma will be enough in most cases. In most establishments, appropriate training will be provided to newcomers and they’ll usually be put through an evaluation period to ensure they’re up to the requirements for the job, and are trustworthy enough to be allowed to work in the cage. A gaming cage worker must be absolutely free of any gambling-related problems and have a clean credit history.

Gaming cage workers tend to be compensated rather low for their effort, earning an average annual salary of between $13,000 – $34,000. The job often involves extra working hours when there’s more chips to be counted/sorted than usual, and can be rather stressful in casinos with frequent violent incidents. On the other hand, it can be easy-going if proper security is present at the casino, and offers good prospects for attaining better employment at the establishment.