A heating mechanic is a professional who specializes in working on heating systems – this can include both thei general maintenance, as well as complicated repairs that require entire teams of mechanics to complete properly. Heating mechanics commonly work for companies that provide heating services or produce heating systems, however they may also be hired by clients of said companies, in places where complex heating systems are used to provide a consistent heating throughout the entire location, and are prone to breakdowns and problems. The job can sometimes be quite hazardous to workers’ health, as it involves working with steam and other dangerous factors.

Heating mechanics commonly find their jobs after completing an apprenticeship. Some companies may hire candidates who’ve just graduated from a high school with classes related to mechanics, providing them immediate training on the job, while also using the training period as an evaluation measure to ensure that the candidate is up to the job and able to perform it correctly.

Heating mechanics tend to earn slightly less than heating installers, with an average annual salary of between $22,000 – $41,000. The job has a lot of extra perks to it that make it an attractive choice for many people – for example, its working hours are relatively short and commonly very flexible. Additionally, there are some extra compensations heating mechanics can receive due to the often hazardous nature of their work, which can add up to the total salary very quickly.