A home appliance repairman works for either a company that manufacturers devices for home use, or a retail store that sells them. They provide various types of maintenance and repair services to customers who’ve purchased electronic appliances. The job can be performed either at a dedicated working location, or in the homes of customers – most repairmen are tasked with doing both, depending on the particular situation. For example, in some cases it may not be suitable for the client to bring over their device to the company for a simple check-up or repair, and the repairman will be sent on location in order to perform the operation.

To become a home appliance repairman, a higher degree of education isn’t commonly required – a high school diploma can be more than enough in most cases, as companies are more interested in their candidates’ experience and knowledge about the different types of appliances they’ll be tasked with repairing. However, a degree in either engineering or a related field can greatly benefit candidates for the job in some higher-ranked companies, where the position comes with more, and more difficult requirements.

Working as a home appliance repairman isn’t very rewarding, at least in terms of financial gain. The median salary for 2009 was just over $19,000, a sum which can be seen as even less rewarding when you consider the working hours involved, as well as the often heavy workload (when there are lots of repairs that need to be performed at different locations and things become too hectic to manage appropriately).