A jeweler is a professional craftsman who works with jewels. The job is a very popular one and can be applied in a variety of fields, making it extremely easy for a skilled jeweler to find a job in modern times. A jeweler could specialize in a particular type of jewels or work on a broader range of items. Additionally, some jewelers also perform repairs in small mechanisms such as watches and glasses, due to the similarity in the instruments involved in the jobs. Jewelers most commonly work from their own shops, and some are employed by large-scale jewelry chain stores.

To become a jeweler, one must simply train for an appropriate period of time under good supervision. A high school diploma is the only educational qualification one will commonly need to provide, as the rest of their chance to get hired is determined by their skills and aptitude in working with jewels. Usually, a jeweler would work as an apprentice to a master for some period, and then get hired at that master’s workshop. In some places, training courses are offered by some organizations as well.
A jeweler can earn between $31,000 – $53,000 a year depending on their place of employment. Those who own stores can see substantially higher profits, though it’s not uncommon for the business to be highly competitive, leading to a tough market that can be very difficult to break through. On the other hand, working for someone in their store can have its disadvantages as well, especially in stores that earn more as the jeweler would have more earning potential in different circumstances.