A makeup artist can work at a variety of places, and is responsible for the preparation of actors in visual terms. The job of a makeup artist typically involves applying makeup to the actors, taking care of the smaller details of their costumes, as well as ensuring that their visuals are in order in general. Makeup artists frequently work in large teams, with each member responsible for a particular task, part of the whole makeup process. Common places where a makeup artist can work include the film industry, theaters, advertising agencies, and even department stores and makeup boutiques where they assist customers.

Even though there is a degree related to makeup art in most cosmetology schools, it’s commonly not a requirement for getting a job as a makeup artist. In most cases, the assets that are judged include a candidate’s ability to correctly work with a wide range of different types of makeup, as well as their creativity and attention to detail. Teamwork skills may also be judged depending on the circumstances, as it’s sometimes of great importance to be able to quickly cooperate with others.

The job of a makeup artist pays moderately well, with an annual salary of between $26,000 – $51,000 being the most common. There are some exceptions of studios offering substantially better compensation than that, which are typically found in major studios in Hollywood and large theaters that pay their employees high salaries in general.