A meter reader is a type of worker who’s typically hired by utility companies to provide them with various services related to the meters installed in clients’ households. A meter reader’s job duties normally involve going from client to client to perform readings and update the clients’ information in the company’s database, as well as installing new readers and ensuring that the readers haven’t been tampered with in cases of suspicious readings. In case a meter reader is unable to perform their job because the client isn’t at home, they usually leave a note to arrange a different visit.

Getting a job as a meter reader is in no way challenging, as it’s mostly manual work the specifics of which can be learned very quickly. Most companies only require a high school degree from candidates for the position, and offer all the training that’s required in small educational courses before the start of the actual job. A meter reader must have good basic mathematics skills and be able to perform simple calculations in their mind quickly.

Meter readers don’t earn that much compared to other positions in the industry, with the salary ranging between $24,000 – $44,000. In most cases, the major complaint about the job from people who practice it is related to the inflexibility of its working hours and the long travel times associated with working as a meter reader. Furthermore, the job can be quite exhausting on some people who’re required to cover large areas in their work and go around many different places.