A mortician is also known as an undertaker, and works at a funeral agency, providing funeral-related services. The job of a mortician typically includes preparing the body of the deceased for the funeral, as well as coordinating the funeral’s important details with the deceased’s family. A mortician will normally embalm the body in the preparational stage, and they’ll also oversee the cremation of the body if the deceased has wished for one. Afterwards, it’s up to the mortician to arrange the coffin, burial site and the funeral services.

There isn’t any higher education associated with the job of a mortician, with the small exception of embalming courses that can be found in some degree programs. A mortician can learn most of the important skills for performing the job in the course of doing it, and most morticians usually go through apprenticeships before getting hired on an actual job. It’s not difficult to get a job as a mortician, and it’s a popular career path that runs through some families.

Morticians earn between $31,000 – $55,000 a year, and the level of their business is the main factor to consider – those who see a lot of work throughout the year get to enjoy appropriately high salaries as well. Generally, morticians have a good earning potential with regards to the time they need to put into the job on a daily basis – but it should be kept in mind that the job can be quite demanding at times, too, especially when the funeral of an important figure is being planned.