Motorboat operators work on motorboats and provide driving services for them. A motorboat operator may be hired by companies that offer touring services, or work on their own on a freelance basis, providing tours of a particular area to tourists for a fee. A motorboat operator may either work on their own boat, or on a hired one, though it’s more common for them to own their own boats. It’s rare for motorboat operators to work in teams due to the nature of these boats, though in some cases a second operator may provide a tour guide service.

There aren’t any specific educational requirements related to the job of a motorboat operator – all that’s needed is some experience working on motorboats, preferably with the particular model that’s used by the company in question. A good motorboat operator must have an alert personality and strong experience working on motorboats, as well as a friendly personality so that they can provide customers with a good service, in case they work on a touring boat (and not on one used for cargo transport, for example).

Motorboat operators can earn anywhere between $16,000 – $55,000 a year. There’s a noticeably large gap between the two ends of the salary range, and this is attributed mostly to the particular type of employment one can find – some companies tend to pay very little to their motorboat operators, while in other cases the job can be very rewarding financially, especially when it involves extra duties such as giving tours and assisting people on the ride in different ways.