A pipe fitter is a type of worker who’s hired to install pipe systems, as well as perform various maintenance tasks on those systems and evaluate them for potential problems. The job duties of a pipe fitter typically include modifying the area where the pipes are going to be placed in order to help them fit better, laying them down and securing the connections between them tightly, and afterwards securing the pipes themselves into place by whatever means are most appropriate for the job. A good pipe fitter would ensure that the pipes they’ve placed are easily accessible for future maintenance.

Becoming a pipe fitter doesn’t take any higher degree of education than a high school diploma, though it may require going through an apprenticeship depending on the specific type of position involved. The job isn’t that demanding with regards to knowledge required and duties involved, though it can become complicated in cases of more advanced installations that need to be treated more carefully. A good sense of pre-planning is usually required for being a good pipe fitter.

Even though the job of a pipe fitter normally doesn’t involve any complex knowledge, it still comes with a respectable salary – typically, it’s in the $42,000 – $70,000 range. On the other hand, the job tends to lack some of the common benefits and bonuses paid to some other workers in the same industry, which can somewhat compensate for the higher than usual salary. In general, most pipe fitter state satisfaction with their jobs.