A refrigeration mechanic’s job is to perform installation and maintenance procedures on refrigeration installations – which can include both domestic, commercial as well as industrial ones. The specific job duties of a refrigeration mechanic include checking the systems to ensure everything is in working order, performing repairs when a problem arises, as well as disassembling the equipment when it needs to be repaired more thoroughly at another location.

Becoming a refrigeration mechanic only takes a high school diploma, though it does require a lot of specific knowledge which can only be attained in specialized educational courses and training programs designed for the job. A good refrigeration mechanic must have basic mechanics skills, and be able to assess a problem related to a refrigeration installation efficiently and remove it as quickly as possible without risking any further damage to the installation or the environment – the latter being a very important part in the specific job of a refrigeration mechanic.

Refrigeration mechanics earn more than refrigeration installers on average, though the job is still seen as paying lower than it deserves, given the education that a candidate needs to obtain to get it. A refrigeration mechanic’s average annual salary would be between $31,000 – $48,000, and even though some companies provide good additional bonuses to their employees in this area, this isn’t the universal case and some don’t get any bonuses or benefits at all.