A salon receptionist is employed by any type of salon – such as a hair salon, beauty salon or a tanning one – and handles the customers of that salon, arranging their schedules and directing them to the appropriate sections of the salon. Salon receptionists usually greet incoming new customers, and try to give them the type of service that is most appropriate with respect to their current situation, laying out the options and costs of all the salon’s products and services. Additionally, salon receptionists may be tasked with some low-level duties related to the salon’s operation, such as cleaning.

Salon receptionists don’t need a higher degree than a high school diploma to get the job, as it mostly requires personal skills in the form of a friendly personality, the ability to provide assistance in prompt times, as well as knowledge of the operations of that particular salon. Salon receptionists usually work in pairs or even larger teams at large-scale salons that frequently have to service a large number of customers.

The job of a salon receptionist is rather trivial and doesn’t have high demands attached to it, which also makes it a rather low-paying one. The median salary for 2009 was $24,000, and in general most salon receptionists use the job as an auxiliary source of income, as it doesn’t have much in the way of profits. Additionally, it doesn’t hold many attractive prospects for career development, as the higher positions within salons usually require additional education.