A security guard is a person employed to protect a piece of property against intruders. The job involves patrolling the area (or supervising it over a set of monitors), and dealing with any unauthorized people on the premises – usually by warning them to leave the premise and calling the police. Security guards are also sometimes tasked with more demanding jobs, such as protecting something valuable for a set amount of time when it’s expected to be attacked by thieves, which can make the job a very risky one.

Security guards need no special education to get the job, but they do need a lot of personal skills and characteristics. Good physical fitness and skills in self-defense are a must, and many employers prefer candidates with some sort of degree in a type of martial arts. Additionally, some specific jobs may require candidates to own a firearms license, and usually display sufficient aptitude with it. A clear, responsible mindset and the ability to think on one’s toes are absolutely necessary for a good security guard.

A security guard’s salary isn’t typically high, ranging between $24,000 – $35,000 in most cases. The job imposes some health hazards which serve to make it a rather unattractive choice for this pay rate for many people. On the other hand, some private companies are willing to pay significantly more to their security guards, though they also require a great degree of skills and assets from them and don’t just hire anyone.