A sheet metal worker is a type of construction worker who specializes in working with metal sheets and related materials. The job usually involves laying down metal sheets for a particular construction project, cutting the sheets into pre-determined pieces, as well as coordinating with other sheet metal workers on large-scale projects that involve a lot of workers operating simultaneously. Additionally, sheet metal workers are commonly tasked with the basic transportation and organization of the materials used in the construction.

The job of a sheet metal worker is a type of construction job, and thus it doesn’t require a high degree of education from candidates. What most employers look for are a good degree of physical fitness, previous working experience in construction, as well as good knowledge of safety procedures and precautions (as the job involves a lot of health hazards due to the nature of metal sheets). Additionally, some states may require some form of licensing, though this isn’t common at all.

As a sheet metal worker, one’s earning potential is quite high compared to most other positions in the construction industry, securing a salary of between $32,000 – $65,000 a year. The job has some very attractive bonuses attached to it, such as hefty health benefits (due to the inherent health hazards attached to the job in general), and it also offers great prospects for further career development – in general, it’s seen as one of the better choices in construction works. One of the downsides it has is the heavy workload commonly involved.