A small engine mechanic, as the title implies, is a type of mechanic who specializes in working on small-scale engines, typically used in motorcycles and automobiles. Small engine mechanics rarely work in the same fields as regular car mechanics though, as their job involves a lot of fine adjustments and fiddling with delicate pieces of machinery. In general, the job is seen as the more delicate version of a mechanic’s job, and frequently involves several mechanics working on the same engine due to the complications that can arise.

Getting a job as a small engine mechanic isn’t highly challenging, only requiring a high school diploma to get hired at most mechanic shops, where candidates are usually made familiar with the aspects of the job. Having a higher educational degree can certainly help, though it’s by no means a strict requirement and the job isn’t difficult to obtain for most people. Most of the particular skills required for practicing it properly are learned in the course of employment.

Small engine mechanics tend to be in the lower end of the earning spectrum for most mechanic-type jobs – the most typical salary is around $25,000 – $36,000, and the long working hours commonly involved with the job tend to make it very unattractive for many people. On the other hand, many small engine mechanics are able to quickly progress to a better salary if they’re able to display outstanding aptitude in the job, which isn’t rare, given the delicate nature of the job itself.