Streetcar operators are the drivers of subway trains, or any other type of urban train system used for internal transportation. The job of a streetcar operator is to drive the vehicle between stops, adjusting its speed as necessary and letting passengers on and off. In some cases, depending on how the transportation system is structured, the streetcar operator may also be responsible for collecting fares from passengers, though this is becoming less and less common in recent times as other specialized jobs have been created for this purpose.

A streetcar operator’s job isn’t typically difficult to obtain, requiring only a license to operate streetcars – the type of license can vary a lot between jurisdictions, and isn’t universally valid, so one must carefully check if their license is applicable to a particular location before applying for the job. An attentive personality and some minor technical skills are also required from streetcar operators, as well as insight into the operation of streetcars themselves.

Streetcar operators normally earn between $30,000 – $55,000 a year, with the salary being primarily influenced by one’s experience and the location of their employment. Most transportation companies offer good bonuses for their employees, though it’s also not rare for the job to be somewhat unrewarding with regards to the extra qualifications required to perform it well. Sometimes, a streetcar operator may see good prospects for advancing their career, while in other cases they may not be so lucrative.