The job of a taxi driver is a very popular one around the world – it involves driving a taxi car, which provides a transportation service to clients for a fee. Taxi drivers typically work for a set salary plus a percentage of their earnings, though this varies from country to country. In some cases, the taxi driver may charge simply based on the rough location of the starting point and the destination – though precise measurements are more common. A taxi driver may be required to wait for their client at a particular location, or pick them up from a predetermined spot.

Becoming a taxi driver only takes a high school diploma and a driver’s license – the job isn’t challenging to obtain at all, and many taxi companies are constantly hiring new candidates for the position. A good taxi driver must, naturally, be a skilled driver, and also have intricate knowledge of the city’s streets and important locations – as well as the quickest ways for getting between them and navigating the streets during rush hour periods.

A taxi driver can usually earn between $23,000 – $56,000 a year. While not very high by most standards, taxi drivers also tend to earn substantial sums of money through tips, which gives them something close to a notoriety in some areas of the world. Additionally, they also enjoy other perks, like lower gas prices (which may vary from country to country) and traffic police is generally better adjusted towards them. Taxi drivers can earn very well in some areas of the world.