A trucker is someone who drives a truck for a living. The job is used in a variety of situations and environments – mostly for transportational purposes. Truckers are responsible for the basic operation of the trucks they’re given, like driving them around and performing simple maintenance tasks on them. Truckers typically take their cargo, unload it at another location and file a report to indicate the completion of the job. It’s not uncommon for truckers to work in pairs to replace each other on long trips.

The job of a trucker doesn’t take a specialized degree to obtain – one just needs a high school diploma to get hired as a trucker in most cases. It does require a specific driver’s license though, of course – this may differ from country to country, but typically there’s a specific license related to the operation of trucks and other heavy vehicles. Truckers need to be highly alert and always aware, as the machines they’re operating tend to be dangerous and need to be handled with extreme caution on public roads.

Truckers tend to receive moderately good salaries, ranging between $41,000 – $68,000 in most cases. The job can be very tiring and demanding in some situations, which serves to provide additional compensation for those who practice it in those cases – though some employers tend to pay noticeably less to their truckers than the market average. In general, there aren’t many attractive further employment prospects for a trucker (even a good one), and the job doesn’t have much in the way of security either.