Watch repairmen are craftsmen who work on watches and other fine mechanisms and provide maintenance and repairs to them. A watch repairman usually does their job through various instruments that aid them in fiddling with the fine details of a watch’s mechanism, such as tweezers and a magnifying glass. The job can be highly complicated due to the complexity of most watch mechanisms, and good watch repairmen are often highly renowned and sought after in their local areas.

Becoming a watch repairman is all about experience and skills, and one must build a sufficient degree of both in order to become a good watch repairman. Usually, as the job is a trade, it’s inherited down from a family member or relative, and it’s not uncommon for entire families to produce lines of skilled watch repairmen. A watch repairman can also benefit from experience working with other similar fine mechanisms, though usually one would concentrate on watches specifically.

The job of a watch repairman is one of the best-paid trade positions, earning a salary of around $33,000 – $85,000 in most cases. Watch repairmen tend to be highly renowned for their skills, especially those who’re really knowledgeable in their jobs. The large gap between the two salary ranges comes exactly from this factor – the skill level of the watch repairman, as those who’ve been around for longer and are better able to perform their repairs, understandably earn substantially more as well.