A woodworker is a professional craftsman who works with wood. The job is applied in a variety of environments and situations, and is one of the most common ways for people skilled with wood to utilize their aptitude. Woodworkers commonly find employment designing decorations and in some cases even sculptures, and processing wood to make it suit a particular application (such as creating wooden stairs, a door or something similar). Woodworkers rarely work in teams due to the individual nature of the job, though there are exceptions.

Becoming a woodworker is mostly about skills and knowledge of the trade – a good woodworker would usually need a long line of experience before receiving some more attractive job offers. In general, woodworkers should practice their skills from an early age, in order to ensure proper employment later on. In some cases, going to a specialized school for the trade can be beneficial as well, though it’s not a requirement for most employers and is mostly considered an extra bonus for those who possess it.

Woodworkers are able to earn between $31,000 – $75,000 a year, depending primarily on where the woodworker is employed at, as well as their skills. Those who’re highly skilled can typically secure very good employment relatively quickly for themselves, while on the other hand less skilled woodworkers tend to remain at the same position for prolonged periods of time without any progress, and aren’t sought after at all. The ability to locate good employment depends on one’s skills.