Helpdesk managers work at support centers (also referred to as helpdesks) and oversee the work of the staff employed in the company’s service line – this includes hiring and training new employees, scheduling working hours, as well as applying appropriate control measures to ensure that the entire support staff performs their job properly. Helpdesk managers are rarely required to assist customers personally, though this can also happen – the most common case being when a customer is unable to receive appropriate support from the lower-level staff and the interference of a manager is required.

To become a helpdesk manager, having a Bachelor’s degree in management or a related field is of great benefit. Candidates normally don’t need to have worked in the support field before, though some basic experience with the overall system and scheme of things can certainly benefit them. The most important assets one can possess to ensure they’re qualified, is working experience with supervising employees. A few years in the appropriate position can easily ensure that one is qualified enough to become a helpdesk manager.

Helpdesk managers earn well with regards to other management positions – an annual salary of between $45,000 – $77,000 is the most common, and it tends to scale with the number of employees under one’s supervision. The job can have varying requirements and duties from place to place, so it’s important to familiarize oneself with the options available at different locations, in order to secure the best possible salary.