We live in an information age, and information is processed by computers. As a result, degrees in computer science continue to command a premium. Unlike many fields (notably in the humanities and social sciences), even a bachelor’s degree in computer science is likely to land you a high-paying entry-level job. Moreover, higher pay tracks additional education in computer science, so an MS and PhD in it make good economic sense. Or course, the field is exciting in itself, with many new advances occuring in computer science (witness IBM’s Watson program becoming a Jeopardy champion). With a PhD in computer science, you can work not only in business and industry but also as a university professor (and at a pay higher than many other university professors because the business world is competing to hire you). Below are the very top schools in the U.S. and Canada in computer science (as objectively gauged by the Academic Ranking of World Universities).

25 Best Computer Science Programs

1 Stanford University

2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

3 University of California, Berkeley

4 Princeton University

5 Carnegie Mellon University

6 Cornell University

7 University of Southern California (USC)

8 The University of Texas at Austin

9 Harvard University

10 University of Toronto

11 California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

12 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

13 University of Maryland, College Park

14 University of California, San Diego

15 University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

16 Purdue University – West Lafayette

17 Columbia University

18 University of Washington

19 Georgia Institute of Technology

20 University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

21 University of British Columbia

22 Yale University

23 University of Colorado at Boulder

24 Duke University

25 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill