Naropa University is a private, non-profit, non-sectarian liberal arts institution which is dedicated primarily to advance contemplative education. Contemplative education is defined as learning infused with the experience of awareness, insight and compassion both for oneself and others. It is honed through the practice of contemplative disciplines such as sitting meditation. The contemplative practice is said to be the aspect lacking in traditional western liberal education. In Naropa University, the east meets west in terms of learning philosophies.

The university’s founding was inspired by a university established in Northern India during the 5th century – the Nalanda University. It also takes its name from Naropa, the 11th century abbot of the said university. Wisdom is pursued at Naropa University by learning both the academic subjects and one’s place in the world.

The academic programs of the university include undergraduate and graduate degree programs as well as distance learning and study abroad programs. Other educational opportunities are presented through extended studies courses and the Summer Writing Program.

Total undergraduate enrollment is 464. The average class size is 13 while student/faculty ratio is 12: 1. Graduate students number at 592. The educational cost of undergraduate students include $ 23,420.00 for tuition and fees, $ 1,200.00 for books, $ 7,758.00 for room and board, $ 3,402.00 for miscellaneous expense and $ 1,300.00 for transportation expense. Graduate tuition costs $ 775.00 per credit.

Located at 2130 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, Colorado, Naropa University provides a healthy and sustainable community where the academic endeavor is supported by co-curricular activities. Naropa offers its programs in two other campuses – the Paramita Campus and Nalanda Campus.