The National Theatre Conservatory (NTC) is a three-year Master of Fine Arts acting school established in 1984 by the Denver Center and the American National Theatre and Academy. It was founded primarily to fill the need for skilled actors for theatre productions. Students of the conservatory get to work alongside with professional actors of the Denver Center Theatre Company and get to graduate as members of the Actors Equity while attaining MFA degrees.

The three-year acting program consists of a variety of acting and moving classes. First year classes include training in acting, rehearsal/performance, music and character, kinesthetic training, low-flying trapeze, dance, yoga, stage combat, health and fitness, social dramaturgy, voice, speech, text, tutorials and great performances in film. Second year classes signal the start of apprenticeship with the Theatre Company and consists of classes in Fundamentals of Play Directing, TV/Film, Voiceover, Solo Shakespeare, and Directing. Students on their third year of study spend most of their time as apprentices with the Theatre Company. They also take up the Advanced Theatre Apprentice Program consisting of classes in audition techniques, acting colloquium, tutorials and repertory theatre.

The NTC faculty is composed of select actors, artisans and teaching-artists who are active in film, television and theatre. Through the program, students get to participate in feature performances in annual repertory productions and are given an audition showcase for agents and directors in New York City. An equity contract is likewise given upon completion of the program.

NTC is located at 1101 13th Street, Denver, Colorado and may be contacted through telephone number 303-446-4855. The Denver Center for the Performing Arts has recently announced its decision to phase out NTC by 2012 due to financial difficulty. However, it shall remain intact through the spring of 2012 to enable the 28 enrolled students to complete their degrees. NTC has graduated 232 students since 1984.