Palm Beach Atlantic University or PBA is a Christian, non-denominational, faith-based university located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Founded in 1968 by Fr. Jess C. Moody, pastor of First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach, the university emphasizes on character formation through the integration of a Christian world view with the liberal arts and selected professional studies.

Academically, PBA is noted for its programs in media communication, business, education, theater, music, ministry, and counseling. It offers over 60 majors and is organized into five academic schools; namely, the School of Arts & Science, the School of Business, the School of Communication & Media, the School of Education & Behavioral Studies, and the School of Leadership.

Today, PBA offers enrollment to over 3,000 students every year. Despite its rapidly ballooning student population, the school is committed to keeping the size of its classes small to allow a more focused, one-on-one interaction between the students and their teachers. There are 161 fulltime faculty members ably assisting the students in their quest for higher education. To this day, the student to faculty ratio remains at 15 to 1.

Cost of tuition and fees for academic year 2009-2010 is US$22,400 per year for fulltime undergraduate students. For students enrolled in evening undergraduate studies, cost of tuition is US$350 per credit; for graduate students, cost of tuition is US$445 per credit and for pharmacy, US$29,500 per year. Those enrolled in online courses, pay tuition costs of US$50 per credit hour in addition to regular tuition.

To help defray cost of tuition and fees, financial aid is extended by the university in the form of loans, grants and scholarships.

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