Richmont Graduate University is a private, not –for-profit graduate level institute of higher education that provides training in the master’s level for Christian counseling. Located in Atlanta, Ceorgia, it also maintains another campus in Chattanooga, Tennessee where its School of Psychology is located.

Richmont Graduate University traces its history to the founding of the Chattanooga Bible Institute in 1933 and the establishment of a counseling center and education program tasked to provide training in Christian counseling known as the Psychological Studies Institute or PSI in 1973. These two institutions merged in 2000 and in 2003 became an accredited graduate school which, in 2008, adopted the name Richmont Graduate University.

Richmont is accredited to grant three degrees; namely, the Master of Arts in Professional Counseling; Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy; and the Master of Science in Christian Psychological Studies. It is also involved in research efforts to determine the effectiveness of combining the tools of applied psychology with the strength of the Christian faith. The main mission of the university is to equip its students with the knowledge and skills to practice professional counseling or marriage and family therapy.

Cost of tuition for students enrolled in a degree program is US$445 per credit hour plus regular fees of US$175. Those who are enrolled in non-degree courses are charged the same tuition cost of US$445 but only have to pay regular fees of US$100 per semester.

Financial aid is extended in the form of loans, grants, scholarships and work-study arrangements to help students pay for their cost of tuition and attendance.

On-campus housing facilities are not available to students of Richmont Graduate University.