Rockford College is a private, American liberal arts college located in Rockford, Illinois. Founded in 1847 by Rev. Aratus Kent as the Rockford Female Seminary, the school was the sister college of Beloit College which was founded a year earlier. In 1890, Rockford College’s Board of Trustees decided to offer a full college curriculum. This led to a change in the official name of the college from Rockford Female Seminary to Rockford College in 1892. In 1955, male students were eventually admitted in 1955 thereby making the school a coeducational institution.

Today, Rockford College grants bachelor’s degrees in over 25 majors. In addition it also offers pre-professional programs in Law, Medicine and related areas as well as the two graduate programs of Master of Arts in Teaching and Master of Business Administration.

Cost of tuition and fees for academic year 2010-2011 for fulltime undergraduate students with a load of 12 to 18 semester hours is US$24,750 plus a tuition deposit of US$100. For part-time undergraduates, cost of tuition is US$650 per credit hour plus a registration fee of US$40. Graduate students pay a tuition fee of US$650 per credit hour for the Master of Arts in Teaching and Master of Business Administration degrees. Financial aid in the form of loans, grants, scholarships and work-study arrangements is extended by the college to help its students pay for their cost of tuition.

Students who want to live on campus are charged an additional fee for room and board depending on their choice of facility and preferred meal plan.

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