Morningside College is a private, four-year, coeducational institution founded by the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1894. It remains affiliated with the United Methodist Episcopal Church and offers educational programs rooted in the liberal arts. It is located at 1501 Morningside Avenue, Sioux City, Iowa.

Occupying a 68-acre campus in a scenic, residential area, the Morningside College allows campus visits that are usually scheduled over two days including an evening on campus with a student host. The campus houses 21 buildings. Most part of the campus is included in the National Register of Historic Places.
Its more than 1,200 full-time students come from at least 20 states other than Iowa and Nebraska as well as several foreign countries. Student/faculty ratio is 17:1. More than 75% of its 90 full-time faculty members have attained the highest degree in their respective fields.

Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, Morningside College offers undergraduate and graduate programs with various majors and minors, including Art, Biology, Business Administration and Economics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Corporate Communications, Education, English, History, Interdisciplinary (student-designed), International Affairs, Mass Communication, Mathematical Science/Physics and Engineering, Modern Languages, Music, Nursing, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Physics, Religious Studies and Theatre and Dance. Several pre-professional programs are also offered.

Estimated annual cost for a full-time student living on campus for nine months amounts to $ 29,720.00. This amount is inclusive of tuition, general fees, room, board, enrollment deposit, book cost and parking. Part-time students are charged $ 390.00 per hour for a 1 to 8 hour load or $ 670.00 per hour for a 9 to 11 hour load. Summer undergraduate sessions cost $ 270.00 per hour while graduate courses cost $ 160.00 per credit hour.