Saint Ambrose University is a private, independent, coeducational, Catholic liberal arts university located in a residential area of Davenport, Iowa. Founded in 1882, the university was initally founded as a seminary and school of commerce for young men.

Housed for three years in the old St. Marguerite’s School with classes confined to only two rooms, St. Ambrose moved to a quiet and secluded grove of oak trees on Locust Street in 1885. Far removed from the corrupting effects of town life, the school developed steadily, and on the same year, was incorporated as a literary, scientific and religious institution. In 1908, the school was officially named St. Ambrose College.

In 1968, the male-dominated college became fully coeducational and by 1977 began offering graduate classes with its Master of Business program. By 1987, St. Ambrose College became St. Ambrose University organized into the Colleges of Business, Human Services and Arts and Sciences. Its first doctoral program – the Doctor of Business Administration – was offered in 1997.

Today, the university continues to provide its students with a wide array of undergraduate and graduate academic programs. Its graduate degree progams include Master’s degrees in occupational therapy, social work, and doctorate degrees in physical therapy and business administration.

Cost of attendance for academic year 2010-2011 for fulltime undergraduate students is US$23,670 per year and for part-time students, US$735 per semester credit. For graduate students, cost of tuition and fees vary by program. Students who want to live on campus have to pay an additional charge for housing and meals. Financial aid is extended to students to help them pay for their cost of attendance.

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