Mid-Continent University (MCU) is a four-year liberal arts college accredited to award bachelor’s and associate degrees by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. It is a Baptist institution of higher learning comprised of the Dr. James W. Cecil Baptist College of the Bible and the Baptist College of Arts and Sciences. It is located at 99 Powell Road, East Mayfield, Kentucky and was founded in 1949.

Degrees offered by Mid-Continent University include Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Ministry, Associate of Arts and Associate of Science. The College of Arts and Science offer eight majors and nine minors housed in six departments namely Behavioral Studies, Languages and General Studies, Business Management, Mathematics, Teacher Education and Social Studies, The Baptist College of the Bible for its part, offers five majors and three minors through its three departments – Biblical Studies, Evangelism and Missions and Church Leadership Development.

Traditional tuition for on-campus classes for a 15-hour credit program is $ 5,925.00 per semester or $ 395.00 per credit hour. Web course cost $ 345.00 per credit hour. Room rate for multi-occupancy option costs $ 3,150.00 per semester while board rate is about $ 1,300.00 per semester. Administrative fees per semester for credits of 7 hours or more costs $ 610.00. Other fees may apply depending on the chosen program.

There are about 1,700 students presently enrolled at Mid-Continent University. Student/ faculty ratio is 14:1. The 65-acre campus houses a classroom building, a library, 4 residence halls, multi-purpose student center and cafeteria, a wellness facility, the Adult Education Building, the Department of Elementary Teacher Education Building and the Administration Building which are conveniently arranged to be within walking distance of each other. All members of the Mid-Continent University community including faculty, administrative personnel and students are expected to participate in university-sponsored religious activities.

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