Saint John’s College is a private, four-year, coeducational liberal arts college located in two campuses: one in Annapolis, Maryland and the other in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Founded in 1696 as King William’s School, a preparatory school, it later received a charter in 1784 making it one of the oldest institutions of higher education in the United States. Since 1937, the college has adopted an unusual curriculum known as the Great Books Program. Under this program, works from the Western philosophic, scientific and literary canon is discussed. This program sets the college apart from other learning institutions of its kind.

Primarily an undergraduate college, St. John’s offers only one Bachelor’s degree – in Liberal Arts. It has two Master’s degrees available but these offered through the college’s Graduate Institute located in its Santa Fe campus. The two Master’s degree programs are on Liberal Arts and a parallel course in Eastern Classics.

Cost of attendance for fulltime undergraduate students for academic year 2009-2010 includes tuition of US$39,992; room charge of US$4,860; cost of meals of US$2,370 and activity fee of US$200. An estimated cost of books is US$300 and for personal and transportation expenses, around US$800. For fulltime graduate students, the estimated cost of tuition per semester is US$7,245 plus a matriculation fee of US$50 for new students; activity fee per semester of US$50 and graduation fee in the final semester of US$100. To insure that students can afford their cost of tuition and fees, financial aid is extended to them in the form of loans, grants and scholarships.

In spite of being named after a religious figure and the inclusion of Christian sacred texts in its program, Saint John’s College has no religious affiliation.

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