Mount Holyoke College is a non-denominational, residential, research college of the liberal arts for women. It was founded in 1837 by Mary Lyon as the Mount Holyoke Female Seminary. The seminary curriculum however, was phased out in 1893 thus the change of the institution’s name into Mount Holyoke College. It is located at 50 College Street, South Hadley, Massachusetts.

The college’s student body is comprised of 2,200 students coming from 48 states and at least 70 countries. One out of three students is an international citizen. Student/faculty ratio is 9:1.

The college was a member of the Seven Sisters which was a consortium of seven elite East Coast liberal arts colleges for women. It instituted two major innovations which advanced women education through a challenging academic curriculum free of domestic pursuit instruction plus a rigorous set of academic entrance requirements. At present, there are about 200 faculty members handling the classes. They are comprised of active scholars, creative artists and research scientists armed with extensive knowledge and discipline about their particular disciplines. Established in 1916 similar to that of the once predominantly male Ivy League, it has since converted into the Free College Consortium with one member becoming a coeducational institution and another merging with Harvard.

Mount Holyoke College offers undergraduate and graduate programs with at least 49 departmental and interdisciplinary majors ranging from African American Studies to Theatre Arts. It primary degree is the Bachelor of Arts wherein students are required to complete 128 semester credits. Other degrees and certificates offered include the Master of Arts in Psychology, Teacher Licensure, Certificate for International Guest Students, Nexus Program and the Five College certificates. Estimated annual educational cost is $ 52,030.00 inclusive of tuition, room and board and student activities fee.