Michigan State University (MSU) is a public research-intensive, land-grant university founded in 1855. It was originally known as the Agricultural College of the State of Michigan and was the first institution of higher learning based in the US to teach scientific agriculture. It went through several name changes before it adapted its present name in 1964.

Located at East Lansing, Michigan, its 5,200-acre campus has a total of 2,100 acres in combined existing and planned development. The campus houses 577 buildings, 83 of which are provided with instructional space. It has three on-campus medical schools as well as a residential hall system consisting of 23 undergraduate halls, one graduate hall and three apartment villages. It also houses the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station which funds the research work of at least 300 scientists on-campus and 15 field research stations located across the state.

About 48,000 students are currently enrolled in the various programs offered by the university through its College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Residential College in Arts and Humanities, College of Arts and Letters, Eli Broad College of Business, College of Communication Arts and Sciences, College of
Education, College of Engineering, College of Human Medicine, James Madison College, College of Law, Lyman Briggs College, College of Music, College of Natural Science, College of Nursing, College of Osteopathic Medicine, College of Social Sciences and College of Veterinary Medicine. The faculty and academic staff is comprised of 4,985 members. MSU Global has more than 13,000 off-campus learners for its online degree and certificate programs.

Resident undergraduate students are charged $ 347.00 per credit for lower division classes and $ 380.50 per credit for upper division classes. Non-resident undergraduate students pay $ 895.75 per credit for lower division classes and $ 925.00 per credit for upper division classes. Graduate students are charged $ 478.25 per credit as residents or $ 966.50 per credit as non-residents.

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