Metropolitan State University is a community-based institution of higher education. It holds classes at its three main locations including its Saint Paul Campus, Minneapolis Campus and Midway Center although some programs are offered at various other locations found throughout the metro area. It was founded in 1971 with the intent of having the university and its students use community resources for the attainment of educational goals and give back by serving as resources to diverse communities. Its main campus is located at 700 East 7th Street, St. Paul, Minneapolis.

The university’s undergraduate program is based on a liberal arts foundation while its master’s and doctoral programs are designed to meet local, national as well as global education and career needs. The various programs are offered through the university’s College of Arts and Sciences, College of Management, First College, College of Professional Studies, School of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice and College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Graduate certificate programs provide critical and up-to-date courses required for career advancement.

Several online courses are offered by Metropolitan State University through the instructional management system. It is essentially a web-based system that requires Internet access and allows participation flexibility as well as interaction with the instructor and other students through built-in tools like discussion forums. Each of the university’s schools and colleges has made available the services of professional advisors to help students plan their individual academic programs accordingly.

General tuition rates for resident students are as follows: $ 177.15 per credit for undergraduate programs, $ 276.00 per credit for graduate programs, $ 252.43 per credit for online Internet courses and $ 429.43 per credit for online MBA courses. Non-resident students are charged $ 362.00 per credit for undergraduate courses, $ 552.00 per credit for graduate courses. The same rates paid by resident students apply to non-residents for online courses. Doctoral courses cost $ 709.43 per credit.

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