The Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and College was born out of a need for a new school in the then so-called pioneer areas of Southern Baptist work. The seminary was founded in 1957 and used rented facilities of the Calvary Baptist Church in Kansas City. It has since built its permanent facilities in its campus located at 5001 Oak Trafficway, Kansas City. More than 100 Southern Baptist churches are located within the 20-mile radius of the seminary.

The college offers programs leading to Associate Degrees in Christian Education, Music and Divinity with a Concentration on Church Planting as well as Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Biblical Studies; Christian Ministry with Concentration in Christian Education, Pastoral Ministry and Cross-Cultural Studies; and Missionary Aviation with Concentration in Flight Training and Maintenance. Three Doctoral-level programs are offered including Doctor of Philosophy in the Old Testament or New Testament, Doctor of Ministry and Doctor of Educational Ministry. The last two programs are seminar-based thus relocating to Kansas City is not necessary. Commuter housing is available to students during seminars while the servicing airport in the area is located about 15 minutes away from the campus.

Completing its academic offerings is its Master’s Degree Program consisting of three types: Master of Divinity, Professional Master of Arts and Academic or Research Master of Arts. Divinity Learning Programs are likewise available through extension sites and online classes. However, accreditation standards require at least 30 on-campus hours which can be fulfilled through workshops and seminars offered throughout the year.

Tuition rates vary for qualified Southern Baptist students, non-Baptist students and all other students. Undergraduate courses cost $ 190.00, $ 240.00 and $ 315.00 per hour for the first, second and third groups of students, respectively. Rates are a little higher when classes are taken at extension and church sites. Master’s courses cost $ 515.00, $ 225.00 and $ 300.00 per hour, again for the same mentioned student categories. On-campus housing units include one, two, three and four-bedroom apartments and residence halls. The Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s main extension sites are located in St. Louis, Mo., Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Wichita, Kansas while Midwestern classes are also offered in Des Moines, Iowa, Bolivar, Mo. and Overland Park, Kansas.

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