Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY) is an urban college founded in 1964 by educational visionary Audrey Cohen. Being located at the crossroads of Tribeca and Soho, two of the most exciting neighborhoods in Manhattan, it is able to serve students across the metropolitan area of New York City as well as the world. It is located at 431 Canal Street, New York, New York.

The academic programs of Metropolitan College of New York are mainly provided through the Audrey Cohen School for Human Services and Education as well as the School of Management. While the former’s programs include Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts in American Urban Studies, Bachelor of Professional Studies, Master of Science in Childhood Education and the CASAC Program, the latter offers programs leading to degrees in Associate of Science in Business, Bachelor of Business Administration, MBA in Media Management, MBA in General Management, MBA In Financial Services, MPA in Public Affairs and Administration, and MPA in Emergency and Disaster Management. The college curriculum is based on the purpose-centered system of education as developed by the Metropolitan College of New York founder. It is essentially a unique model of higher education that puts emphasis on achieving a complex and meaningful purpose for each semester through rigorous academic study.

Tuition rates for offered programs vary. Generally, the undergraduate programs offered through the School of Human Services and Education charge tuition of $ 7,584.00 per semester or $ 506.00 per credit while the School of Management courses cost about $ 8,175.00 per semester or $ 545.00 per credit. Tuition rates for graduate programs range from $ 9,480.00 to $ 13,702.00 per semester or $ 635.00 to $ 806.00 per credit. Various fees apply.

MCNY does not have its own housing facilities although residential options abound in the area. There are at least two affiliated organizations that provide students with affordable housing. Qualified international applicants are provided with immigration assistance aside from a comprehensive orientation program. True to the philosophy of purpose-centered education, students are given opportunities to work under very specific guidelines to facilitate experiential learning.

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