Founded as the College and Seminary of Our Lady of Angels in 1856, Niagara University was granted permission to use its present name in 1883 and continued to evolve into an institution that offers degree programs in the Arts and Sciences, Travel and Tourism as well as Business and Teaching. The seminary moved to Albany, New York in 1961. The university stayed on up to the present at the Town of Lewiston, Niagara County, New York.

The university programs are strongly based on Catholic traditions since it was founded by the Vincentian community. A 17th century Catholic priest by the name of St. Vincent de Paul inspired the values which the community practices. The university maintains a comprehensive community-service program since St. Vincent de Paul is the universal patron of charitable works.

The location of the picturesque Niagara University campus is unequalled being situated atop the rugged water-carved Niagara River gorge. An interesting blend of 19th and 20th century architecture can be seen in the more than two dozen buildings dotting the campus. The more recent additions to the campus facilities include an $ 11 million apartment-style housing complex.

Undergraduate enrollment is estimated at 2,800 while graduate students number about 850. On-campus housing facilities can accommodate at least 1,400 students. The university employs about 650 people including 130 full-time faculty members.

The university’s academic colleges comprised of the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business Administration, College of Education, and the College of Hospitality and Tourism Management offer more than 50 majors, 7 pre-professional options and several master’s programs. Annual costs for attending Niagara University include $ 23,700.00 for tuition, $ 10,250.00 for room and board and $ 100.00 for student service fee. Tuition per credit ranges from $ 560.00 to $ 720.00 depending on the program.

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