New York Medical College (NYMC) was founded in 1860 by a group of New York City civic leaders concerned about the primitive conditions of hospitals as well as medical education during that time. From its original location in New York City, it transferred to the Westchester County during the 1970s. It has enjoyed the sponsorship of the Archdiocese of New York since 1979. It is presently located at 40 Sunshine Cottage Road, Valhalla, New York.

The New York Medical College community is comprised of 1,400 students, residents and fellows plus 3,000 faculty members. The university has the advantage of having affiliations with an impressive network of hospitals and healthcare facilities, aside from other educational institutions. New York Medical College is also considered a leader in the field of academic biomedical research in the area.

New York Medical College consists of three schools including the School of Medicine, the Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences, and the School of Health Sciences and Practice. The School of Medicine has 792 students while the School of Health Sciences and Practice has 450 students. Some of the programs offered by the school are the Master of Public Health degrees, Master of Science degree, Doctorate in Physical Therapy and the Doctor of Public Health degree, among others. The Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences which has approximately 200 students offers MS and PhD degrees in immunology, microbiology, physiology, experimental pathology, pharmacology, molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology.

The estimated annual educational cost for on-campus resident students is $ 70,756.00 inclusive of tuition, fees, books, supplies, room, board, transportation and miscellaneous expenses. Student residences are made up of a garden-style apartment complex plus a five-storey building suite-style complex. New York Medical College is a health sciences university that carries out its educational mission in the Catholic tradition. It seeks to preserve and protect the health of people guided by the sacredness of all human life.

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