The College of Financial Planning is composed of two separate entities, the College of Financial Planning Institutes Corporation and the College of Financial Planning, Inc. This educational institution is owned entirely by Apollo Group, the parent organization of the University of Phoenix, the Institute of Professional Development, and Western International University.

The College of Financial Planning has been authorized by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education to conduct online classes and offer and grant Master’s Degrees. It is also accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association.

The College of Financial Planning offers six fully online Financial Services Industry Designation Programs, namely: Foundations in Financial Planning, Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist, Accredited Wealth Management Advisor, Accredited Asset Management Specialist, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor and Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor; a master’s program (Master of Science Degree Program in Personal Finance Planning) and a certificate program (Certification Professional Education Program).

The College of Financial Planning’s admission requirements are program-specific. More detailed information can be obtained by visiting CFP’s website and clicking the program of choice. Information the program’s tuition fees would be available on the website as well. Tuition does not include additional costs such as book allowance and other fees, and may change without prior notice.

To help ease the cost of education, students can students can apply for private loans, which are available to those who are not eligible for federal aid. Several scholarships are also available at the College of Financial Planning. Some scholarships are open only to a particular degree program so it would be best to schedule a meeting with a CFP Representative to discuss the available options.