Originally known as the California University of Protection and Intelligence Management, Henley-Putnam University adapted its present name to better represent the specialized online programs it offers. The university has been named after two revolutionary war historical figures – Colonel David Henley and General Israel Putnam. Degrees and Certificates in Management of Personal Protection, Intelligence Management as well as Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies can be obtained by students from the military, law enforcement, intelligence and the private sector.

Henley-Putnam University offers online higher education to the strategic security industry. Strategic security is about accurate and objective knowledge, obtained on time and acted upon skillfully. It is accredited by the Distance and Training Council (DETC) and is a member of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC).

Ranked by G.I. Jobs Magazine as one of the Top Military-Friendly Schools, the university offers highly focused online programs to serve military professionals who seek advancement in their careers. The admissions process is quick and easy as assistance in the completion of paperwork is provided by admissions personnel. There are no fees required for US citizens. Prospective students however need to demonstrate their ability to benefit from the programs being offered by the university through their academic records, objectives and experience.

New classes typically start on the first day of each month except for doctoral programs that usually start quarterly. The total estimated cost for a bachelor’s degree program is $ 25,500.00 inclusive of tuition, books and equipment. Total estimated costs for master’s and doctoral degrees are $ 26,128.00 and $ 35,400.00 respectively. Total program tuition for certificate courses is from $ 5,500.00 to $ 6,900.00. Henley-Putnam University has established various scholarships to assist students in educational costs such as the David Popp Memorial Scholarship and the Gorge Washington Intelligence Tradecraft Scholarship.