Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT), the only public institute of technology in the northwest United States, is accredited by the Oregon University System. It is an institute for higher education that is best known for its engineering and technological courses but also offers programs in the fields of health, renewable energy, environmental science, business, and management.

OIT also has a very good distance education that offers online classes. The online programs offer very flexible schedules and do not even require the students to be online all the time with most of the communication with instructors done through focused discussions and emails. Online classes last for about 10 weeks, after which a final exam is given.

Online programs offered in OIT include degree programs in Information Technology and Operations Management. There is also an online degree completion program in Allied Health Management.

Basic requirements for admission to online programs include official high school and college transcripts (if any) or GED certificate and scores. In some cases, licensure and registry documentations are also required.

Tuition for online programs at OIT is listed at $200 per credit hour, for AY 2009-2010. An additional $60, called distance delivery fee, is also charged for each online course taken. All online programs follow OIT’s tuition and fees, and payments and refunds policies.

Financial aid, in the form of loans and scholarships, is available to eligible students of the online programs. A student must be enrolled for at least 6 credit hours per term to be eligible.