Portland State University was initially established as Vanport Extension Center in 1946. This was a welcome response to the need for higher education after World War II. The name was changed after nine years, and the university has grown since. Today, it serves around 28,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

Aside from the sprawling campus in Portland, Oregon, Portland State University also has its own online campus. Online Learning Services functions to support the design and delivery of various online programs. The university provides a vast range of learning resources in order to facilitate effective learning among its distance learning students. Under its online course offerings, fully online and partially online courses are available. There are also programs for independent study, which are designed to cater to high school students, undergraduate students, and those seeking dual credit options. Degree programs, continuing education programs for educators, and eLearning systems programs are also available.

The admission process for Portland State University is quite simple and has been broken down into several categories in its website. Each category caters to a different type of student and has its own set of requirements. Specific information for each may be found in the university’s official website.

Tuition fees for specific online programs may be requested through the university’s website. The university offers several different types of scholarships in order to cater to the diverse talents, abilities, and needs of its students. Programs based on academic excellence, leadership skills, varying financial needs, disabilities, specific career preferences, service to the school or to the community, and special backgrounds are available. Interested applicants may simply apply online.

Portland State University has received full accreditation from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.