Saint Leo University is accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools which is one of the most trusted institutions that specialize in accreditation. Saint Leo is known for its reviews and rankings specifically on why it should be chosen to be one’s school or university. It is believed that the university focuses on recognizing every individual in setting high standards for oneself.

The online program of the university aims to meet the needs of adult learners with the use of the most innovative computer technology. Through it, students are given the opportunity to continue and advance their education without traveling or going to campus. No classroom attendance is required, this is why it is a guarantee that education is provided in the most efficient and convenient way through its online classes. Online degrees and online courses include Associate of Arts in Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Liberal Arts, Bachelor of Arts in Accounting, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Human Resource Administration, Liberal Studies, Psychology, Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems, Health Care Management and many more.

Admissions process differs on the type of student which as well includes the requirements. The same goes with the tuition fee which depends on the program itself and the number of units where one is enrolled. Financial aid offered is in the form of loans such as the Stafford loan, and PLUS loan. There are also grants, private financial aid, corporate tuition assistance, work study program, and scholarships. This financial aid is given to deserving students with financial needs and at the same time, good academic performance.